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5 Years From Now

5 years from now, the world and humanity are dying. Over one hundred years of abuse has intoxicated the planet to the point of no return. The seas have dried up, the animals are dead and vegetation will no longer grow in the contaminated earth. A select group of humans (mostly politicians and their families) have evacuated the earth while a group of 12 scientists remain to attempt to make the planet habitable again.

5 Years From Now was produced as part of the BBC New Creatives scheme, supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts

Cast and Crew


Amelie Edwards

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Writer, Director and

Actor: Dr Smith

Natalia Hinds.jpg

Natalia Hinds

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Komal Amin.jpg

Komal Amin

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Actor: Fumi and ensemble

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Foss Shepherd.jpg

Foss Shepherd

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Actor: Daniel and Ensemble

Omar Khan.jpg

Omar Khan

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Actor: Yuri and ensemble

William E. Lester.jpg

William E Lester

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Actor: Mahinda and Ensemble

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